Three Levels at Which a School Principal Provides Leadership

The school principal’s role is basically a leadership role, and there are actually some three levels at which the said school principal actually provides leadership. At the first level, we have the school principal providing leadership to the teachers. Ideally, the arrangement should be such that the principal provides leadership to the teachers, who in [...]

Ways In Which Organizations Prepare People for Leadership and Management Positions

Organizations often see the need to prepare people for leadership and management positions, before putting them in such positions. One way in which organizations prepare people for leadership and management positions is by putting them through specialized leadership and management training programs. There are, for instance, organizations that carry out internship or graduate trainee programs, [...]

Three Ways In Which You Can Acquire Cutting Edge Leadership and Management Skills

It is possible for you, as a person who underwent management and leadership training some time back, to get the latest, cutting edge management and leadership skills. The first way in which you can acquire cutting edge leadership and management skills would be by going to seminars and conferences where such matters are dealt with. [...]